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10 Surprising Lamborghini Huracan Facts You Didn't Know About

Lamborghini Huracan has made people turn their heads whenever they see one. Huracan is Spanish word for Hurricane, but the car got its name from a fighting bull in 1879. Now, that's a deadly combination of style and strength. No wonder this dominated in its segment. If you have read a Huracan manual, you know it is full of surprises. Let's take a quick look at some of the facts here.

  • Let's begin with The Engine and Other Huracan Parts - Huracan's new engine is direct-injected and port-injected both. This optimizes fuel delivery.
  • Cam timing on all four cams is varied.
  • It's equipped with Lamborghini Doppia Frizione i.e. The Double Clutch that gives the riders an easy ride on the regular road and high performance on the race track.
  • Huaracan is made out of forged composites that are light, strong and unique. Lamborghini, Callaway Golf, and Boeing partnered for this patented material. Only Huaracan parts and Aventador parts have the luxury of this material.
  • The Huracan parts made from patented material have made it 50% stronger than the Gallardo.
  • Another Gallardo Comparison - The Huracan's engine is placed lower than that of Gallardo, keeping its center of gravity close to the ground.
  • Huracan's interconnected system shares 10 Megabytes of data per second. So, we can say that Huracan is all about speed on-the-road and off-the-road as well.
  • Another Interesting Huracan parts Fact - The Audi R8 V10 Plus and The Lamborghini Huracan share the same space frame.
  • Italian Police got a new gift in 2017 - The Huracan as their high-end patrol car.
  • The magnificent stiff frame and magnetic suspension of The Huracan give you superb ride quality in each driving mode.

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